Currently among all BMM fields, South America is the most receptive to the gospel. But this opening of hearts likely won’t last more than a generation. Harvest season is upon South America. Will you reach lives while the opportunities are great? 

Ninety-two percent of Argentina’s population is urban, with Roman Catholicism being the major religion. Argentina’s cities are a wide-open mission field.

Brazil is in harvest phase, with an openness to the gospel that may not last into the future. Church planters and theological educators can seize this opportunity while the doors to people’s hearts are open.

The most unreached group in Chile is the professional class. The need for churches among them reaches beyond the capital of Santiago into other large cities.

The nationalized churches in the Dominican Republic are eager for partnerships with expatriate missionaries as they further the cause of Christ, especially in the area of theological education.

EBI is committed to the production and distribution of doctrinally sound, Christ-centered, and theologically profound Spanish literature.

We urgently need church planters and those who will develop supporting ministries such as camps and Bible institutes.

We are looking for missionaries burdened to reactivate BMM ministry within Guyana.

Catholicism enjoys a special position in Haiti, and many Haitians practice elements of voodoo in addition to their religion. Bible-preaching churches are needed throughout Haiti.

Central and eastern Honduras have great needs for new churches, but an urgent need also exists for missionaries to work in Honduras’s Bay Islands.

We are looking for missionaries burdened to work alongside Jamaican Christian leaders to reactivate BMM ministry within Jamaica.

Service opportunities abound for working independently or in team ministries with Peruvians in the areas of church planting, theological education, camp ministries, radio and more.

We are looking for missionaries burdened to reactivate BMM ministry within Puerto Rico.

We are looking for missionaries burdened to reactivate BMM ministry within St. Lucia.

If you are burdened for church planting and theological education, join the work in St. Vincent and reach into the country’s interior and the Grenadine islands for Christ.

Our goal is the training of Venezuelan leadership. Contact us to find how your skills could be used to build up the church in Venezuela.


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