Dominican Republic

South America

Land & People

The Dominican Republic occupies the eastern two-thirds of the beautiful tropical island, Hispaniola. Haiti occupies the western third. The Dominicans have a much lower standard of living than the people of Puerto Rico but a higher standard than Haiti. There is a large middle class but also the extremely poor and the extremely rich. About 23 percent of the people cannot read or write.


About 97 percent of the Dominican people claim to be Roman Catholics. However, many are losing faith in the priesthood and veneration of saints, and religious indifference abounds. Religious freedom is total.

Year Established


Past & Current Work

When Baptist Mid-Missions missionaries initially entered the Dominican Republic, there were no Baptist churches outside of small Haitian groups that spoke Creole. Hato Mayor, a small city east of the capital, was the center of our early ministries. Our first established church is there. This church is responsible for the founding of churches in five other surrounding cities. Its Christian day school, which today has around 1000 students, was the first school of its kind. Over the decades, members of the first church and other churches founded by BMM missionaries across the country have faithfully continued the task of evangelizing in their communities. Many smaller congregations have developed into self-sustaining churches. Bible studies and evangelistic outreaches are continually used in an attempt to reach outlying areas with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Workers Needed

The ministry in the Dominican Republic requires missionaries who will fit into an established ministry culture, to work alongside Dominican pastors and churches to further the cause of Christ. One special need is in the area of theological training, to prepare men who will take the baton from the current Dominican pastors, and to prepare other leaders to continue church planting in those provinces lacking churches with sound biblical doctrine. Christians in Dominican churches have a burden for their country and would benefit from help in the area of organization. Dominican youth would especially benefit from seeing full-time sacrificial service modeled in life.

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