More than half the world’s population lives in Asia, where Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and atheism steer their spiritual destinations. Will God call you to bring the truth of Christ to this needy continent? 

Cambodians see Buddhism as part of their national identity. Christianity is becoming more accepted, but help is needed to strengthen believers in discipleship and to start new churches.

The field of Indonesia is wide open for those with faith in the power of the gospel to work even in dark places.

The Joshua Project estimates a need for nearly 2,500 workers for Japan. No matter what skill set a person may possess, God can utilize it for His glory in Japan.

The Bibles International Myanmar Society is looking for workers in linguistics, literacy, and Bible translation for Scripture translation projects among Myanmar's many language groups.

The spiritual need of Taiwan is staggering. The majority of Taiwanese people have never heard the gospel clearly presented, and most churches are ecumenically oriented.

Fewer than 1 percent of Thai people are evangelical Christians. Church planters skilled in evangelism and discipleship are needed to establish a testimony for Christ in Thailand.


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