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November 2022
Gospel Impact at a Campus Near You

Today's secular college campuses are the frontlines of culture. And that makes them the frontlines of the missionary effort.

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October 2022
Five Missions Myths

A necessary corrective to common mistakes people make regarding missions, this month’s Serve is written by former BMM missionary to Cameroon and current BMM Special Representative, Dr. Dan Seely

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September 2022
Lessons from a Missions Internship

Taking a trip to a foreign mission field is an experience like no other. It gives you a front row seat to the power of God at work in the world through willing servants. This month’s Serve documents one summer intern’s experiences.

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August 2022
Have We No Rights?

In the August issue of Serve, Travis Gravley (BMM Church Relations & Enlistment) shares a voice from the past offering some profound missions thoughts to consider.

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July 2022
Acquiring the Language

Part Three in our series on The Crucible—missionaries’ critical transition period during their first term on their field.

June 2022
Safe Haven for Missionary Soul Care

Service to Missionaries in the Crucible and Beyond

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