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May 2022
The Crucible

A crucible is a vessel employed for heating substances to very high temperatures and can also be a metaphor for a severe, scorching trial.

Igor rodrigues t Qruu8 CRH Cw unsplash
April 2022
Untitled design 9
March 2022
Summer Internship Opportunities in North America

Missions internships are a tremendous way to get experience serving on the frontlines of gospel work. Internship opportunities abound in one of BMM’s most diverse fields of service—North America. BMM’s North America ministry team is made up of missionaries in Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

February 2022
Take a Look!

The value of “looking” and “seeing” the mission field for yourself is hard to overemphasize. Thus, short-term mission trips or mission internships have tremendous value.

January 2022
New Year, Same Obedience

I want to challenge you and me not to allow that uncertainty to drive us in the coming year.

Nathan lemon W7nbak Rx1 Ks unsplash
December 2021
Live as a Sent One

Friend, you are a sent one. You have God’s message of salvation. Are you living today as one who is sent?

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