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April 2024
Essential Tools For The Church Planting Missionary

As I reflect on the years God has allowed me to be involved in church-planting, I believe a similar principle applies. There are truckloads of books on the market that offer this new method or that new approach to planting a church. Some of these may be useful in certain contexts, others would find better use as paperweights or doorstops. But as I look back on our church-planting endeavors over the years, I find myself returning to the same basic tools, tools that are essential for the toolbox of anyone setting out to start a church from the ground up.

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March 2024
“How much theological and cross-cultural training do I need?”

Here are two realities of life on the mission field: Your theology will be tested, and you will often wonder why the theological truths you so eloquently communicate are not resulting in growing maturity and life change in those you are reaching.

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February 2024
How will I know I’m ready to go?

How will I know I’m ready to go? The question is quite philosophical. But does it need to be? When we look for the Lord’s leading as to where and how we should serve Him, it can get frustrating when there is no clear path. Do I go with my instincts? Do I step out in faith? How do I know I’m making the right decision? I need to pray about this more. And on it goes. The questioning … second guessing—it can paralyze a person and keep them from acting because they’re not sure if it’s what God wants. Or is it realizing that they’re not completely ready? There are still things to prepare, to buy, to do.

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December 2023
Jesus Christ, born to serve

This month's serve was originally feature in the December 2018 Serve and is a great reminder of Christ birth and the reason to serve this holiay season.

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December 2023
Reaching the International Community in the USA on College Campuses.

It has been said that an American college campus represents the very microcosm of global culture. Statistics show that approximately a million international students from nearly 200 countries are currently studying in the United States, with China and India making up approximately half of those students. “You could almost say that every tribe from every nation, speaking every tongue, can be found on the world’s university campuses.” —Vernon Rosenau, BMM president 2016–2020.

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November 2023
Intentionally Cultivating Relationships

This month’s Serve is reposted from this last summer’s edition of Advance Magazine, an issue centered on the theme “Turning Strangers to Friends.” Read the entire issue to hear more stories about how missionaries are purposefully developing relationships so that others can hear the gospel.

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