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Debby hudson sgdy Bq6khe Q unsplash
April 2023
Back to Life: The importance of healthy North American churches

BMM’s North America Administrator Steve Anderson is on a mission to bring vitality back to North America’s churches. He has detailed his passion and plan more in a past issue of Serve here.

Gayatri malhotra o Wbp HD De Og unsplash 1
March 2023
Obstacles become opportunities

Any of us with a little life experience know that obstacles often turn into opportunities. The same is true in your path toward missions. Now consider some ways you can meet these obstacles with God’s help and wisdom.

Tim collins B5ox94 ZF Gg I unsplash
February 2023
I think God wants me in missions. But what about…?

Perhaps you stand ready to serve in missions yet find yourself hindered from moving forward. Obstacles often stand in a person’s path and cause hesitancy toward going. What are those obstacles? What can be done about them? While not an exhaustive list, consider six obstacles on the path to missions. Which ones stand in your path?

1serve jan
January 2023
What does a missionary do all day?

The Scriptures make the missionary task clear: make disciples. But how does that look day-by-day? What about the normal tasks of life as a citizen living in a community? Do missionaries simply speak the gospel from the time they get up in the morning till they go to bed?

Guillermo casales o q Z Vaou O Xk unsplash
December 2022
Proclaimers of peace: Christmas meditations for missions

The Christmas message is good news because it promises peace, a promise you and I need and a promise every one of earth’s eight billion souls needs.

7 016
November 2022
Gospel Impact at a Campus Near You

Today's secular college campuses are the frontlines of culture. And that makes them the frontlines of the missionary effort.

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