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December 2021
Live as a Sent One

Friend, you are a sent one. You have God’s message of salvation. Are you living today as one who is sent?

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November 2021
Six reasons not to skip raising support

These motivations and many others lead some to skip the support-raising process. Don’t do it! Skipping deputation, also called “pre-field ministry,” will rob you of important lessons through which God desires to make you more effective for Him.

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October 2021
Singleness and Missions: A Unique Opportunity for God to Receive Glory

This month’s Serve is a conversation between Travis Gravley (Administrator for Church Relations and Enlistment) and Dr. Joy Anglea. A former medical missionary to Micronesia, Dr. Anglea serves as BMM’s Medical Director.

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September 2021
A Testing Ground for Missions?

Short term missions as a testing ground for missions—valid idea or not?

August 2021
Mission Frontiers in North America

After centuries of Christian influence, one may be tempted to believe there are no frontier ministries left in North America because “others have been there before.” I think it wise to remember this when we think of Mission Frontiers for North America

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July 2021
Mission Frontiers in the Global South

This month’s Serve is a conversation between Travis Gravley (Administrator for Church Relations and Enlistment), Graham Foran (Field Administrator for Brazil), and Steve Gault (Field Administrator for Africa and Europe). This is the third installment on the theme of Missions Frontiers. BMM’s president, Patrick Odle, laid out the vision. Nate Beckman spoke to frontiers in Asia. In this issue, Graham and Steve represent the Global South on this topic.

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