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President’s View

What do officiating high school sports and going hunting have in common? Learn how Dr. Odle views them as opportunities to interact with people who have not yet come to faith in Christ.

Sum23 Image Bearers TN

Image Bearers

A missions internship helped two of our North America missionaries to see all people as treasures of inestimable value.

Sum23 Path2 Christ TN

The Path to Find Christ

Hikers on Spain’s Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route are on a spiritual journey of one kind or another. Our Spain missionaries regularly walk with them on their physical path so they can point them to the Way, the Truth, and the Life—Jesus Christ.

Sum23 Walter Korea Walter TN


A chance meeting in a store led a Korean War veteran toward Jesus.

Sum23 Big Fish TN

Don’t Miss the Big Fish

The critical role of church guest services in creating a welcoming environment that encourages the return of first-time visitors.

Sum23 Connection Points TN

Connection Points

A missionary family unexpectedly found ways to bridge the relational gap with hard-to-reach people.

Sum23 YGI prayer meeting TN

Your Global Impact

Your gift to the Global Impact Fund increases missionaries’ time to share the gospel.

Sum23 God Sees TN

God Sees Them All

It's easy to feel worn out by suffering people's needs. But incredibly, our God carries the weight of concern for each of them.

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