The Protestant Reformation revitalized the Church in Europe, inspiring many of history’s greatest mission efforts. Today Postmodernism has sheared the hearts of Europeans away from Christianity. Islam is making strong inroads as well. The time is ripe for a new generation of missionaries to restore the gospel of Christ to Europe. 

We are looking for missionaries burdened to reactivate BMM ministry in Austria.

We are looking for missionaries burdened to reactivate BMM ministry in Finland.

Religion plays mostly a cultural role in the lives of French people. We need church planters and Bible institute teachers to help bring genuine life-change through Christ.

After decades of church planting in Germany, BMM missionaries are teaming up with Germans to expand into unreached cities. Leadership training is also needed to equip German pastors and church planters.

We are looking for missionaries burdened to reactivate BMM ministry within Ireland.

Broadcasting ministries have proven effective in reaching Italians for Christ. Through creativity and perseverance, more churches can be established in this country and leaders trained to equip the church.

In the world’s most devoutly Catholic nation, BMM missionaries have established a church and are training leaders. Great potential exists for student ministries and for church planting on neighboring islands.

In a unique ministry, BMM missionaries work among Romania's spiritually neglected Roma (Gypsy) population. Additional church planters, youth workers, reading teachers, and musicians are greatly needed.

Our ministries are centered in Kezmarok through a missionary couple who make contacts for their church through ESL and music and youth ministry. Additional help is needed for their church, and the door is wide open for ministry in other areas.

You may be surprised that Spain is the least-evangelized Spanish-speaking country in the world. Join the church-planting team that seeks to reverse this reality. Churches are being planted, and a Bible institute and campus ministry further enhance the outreach.

Since the 1950s, BMM missionaries have established churches in the southern portion of The Netherlands, which is predominately Catholic. Numerous towns in this area are still unreached, and missionaries committed to this task are needed.

Once a sender of missionaries, England needs new churches started and existing churches strengthened. Missionaries burdened for Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists will find a mission field among England's immigrants. The BMM Bible college in England can also be further developed.


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