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God calls His people to serve. We offer opportunities in over 50 countries, tailored for your giftedness. Find out what is involved in the great calling of missions and how we can support you every step of the way.

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S Serve Blog May 5

The Crucible

A crucible is a vessel employed for heating substances to very high temperatures and can also be a metaphor for a severe, scorching trial.

A Advance Magazine February 23
Spring22 Main Issue

Spring 2022

Compassion ministries that model Jesus's example and affirm the gospel message

StoriesMay. 17
WR Ukraine TN2

World Relief: Ukraine

Your gift to World Relief will help our missionaries and trusted contacts deliver relief to the hurting people of Ukraine.

StoriesMay. 4
22 Send938 podcast TN


In a conversational and engaging style, BMM's The SEND938 Podcast encourages, equips, and inspires the next generation of missionary servants and the churches who send them.

StoriesOct. 22
21 Chosen People Brazil TN

Celebrating the Jewish Feasts in Brazil

Ministries among Jewish people in New York City or Israel are well known. But did you know that Brazil is home to a large population of Jewish people?

StoriesOct. 12
21 Domingo TN


Domingo was slowly going blind. This only intensified the hunger in his soul as he searched the radio for something more than music.

Global Impact.

God has a remarkable way of transforming temporal resources into eternal treasure. The bottom line—a gift to missions changes lives. Discover the many ways you can invest in lives through Baptist Mid-Missions, including our Global Impact Fund.

The Baptist Mid-Missions Family exists to strategically advance the building of Christ’s church, with His passion and for His glory, in vital partnership with Baptist churches worldwide.

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