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The Lord Jesus directed His disciples to “Go ... into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Much of the world’s population resides within the borders of nations that are not open to standard missionary endeavor. Yet Christ’s directive exhorts us to go to these lands and their people.

Obedience requires creativity. Most of those entering Creative Access Nations teach English, but other vocational skills provide a means of access also. English speakers from North America are in great demand. Your ability to share your language and Christian truth make you valuable.

Consider this testimony:

"Last night at my final class of the term, one man who had been with the government for 20 years spoke to me. This man trusted Christ as His Savior. Afterwards, he told me he had it all—position, car, money. Even with all these things, he was empty. Now he rejoices in the Lord; now he is full."

Baptist Mid-Missions has both short-term and career positions. Our goal is to accomplish the Matthew 28:19-20 instructions that begin with evangelism and include discipleship of believers, organization of local churches, and training of leaders. As missionaries do this, we are seeing many remarkable testimonies of God’s blessing. These are extraordinary times, demanding exceptional enterprise to accomplish the Lord’s work while there is still time.

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