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There are over 7,000 languages in the world, and nearly 4,000 are without any Scripture in their mother tongue. Scripture in the heart language is needed to effectively share the gospel and provide spiritual growth in those that have received it.

In their church-planting efforts, Baptist Mid-Missions saw this need for a Bible in the language of the people to whom they ministered. In 1981, Baptist Mid-Missions was led by God to establish a Bible society to come alongside their missionaries and others of like faith and provide the expertise necessary to accurately translate the Bible.

The headquarters of Bibles International is in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with affiliate offices located in Asia and Africa. Their translation and literacy projects have spanned the globe: Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Caribbean, Eurasia, Europe, and the Pacific.

Bibles International believes the Bible is the Word of God and remains the Word of God when translated into vernacular languages. It is their goal to translate and produce an accurate and reliable Bible translation to assist individuals, churches, and agencies in preaching, teaching, and church-planting efforts.

Bibles International has the capability to train mother-tongue believers to become Bible translators. In the translation process, the quality of each translator’s work is verified on a systematic basis by consultants who are Hebrew and Greek scholars trained in linguistics. Bibles International also publishes and distributes their Scripture translations.

Bibles International has a Literacy and Linguistics department, which assists in establishing the written form of the language and prepares materials to teach reading skills in the targeted language. Literacy materials and Scripture portions are printed and distributed in tandem with the Bible translation process.

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