It’s a shocking fact: North America is the largest unchurched English-speaking mission field in the world, the only continent where Christianity is not growing. Each year thousands of churches close their doors. At the same time, millions of immigrants arrive on our shores. We’re facing a critical need to pursue missions right where we live.

Alaska, meaning “Great Land,” is a place with a great need to share Jesus Christ among the urban and rural populations and in the bush villages.

Campus ministries hold tremendous potential. Both North American and International students often take the gospel back to their homelands, even to places where missionaries cannot go.

As one of the world’s most ethnically diverse nations, Canada offers boundless innovative means for reaching people arriving from countries encircling the globe.

Every year, Christianity steadily declines in North America, even as more people who have never heard the gospel immigrate to our shores. Church planting and discipleship are essential those right on our doorsteps.

Many consider Hawaii to be a tropical paradise. Few think of it as the multicultural mission field it is. Find how you can reactivate Hawaii as a BMM mission field.

Even though Jewish people live in neighborhoods with Bible-believing churches, they remain largely untouched by serious evangelistic effort!

Explore the possibilities of this fast-growing country that's home to one of the world's largest metropolitan areas, Mexico City.

Did you know that BMM has a beautiful, affordable, and caring retirement community meeting the needs of retired Christian servants?

Mormonism, officially known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, ranks among the six largest religious bodies in America.

Over 570 Native American nations are recognized in the US and more than 630 First Nations groups in Canada. Their spiritual needs represent a mission field right on our doorstep.

North America is the largest unchurched English-speaking mission field in the world. Only China and India have larger populations of non-Christians.


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