Church Planting

North America

The land of opportunity! From sea to shining sea, from Canada’s frozen tundra in the North to the steamy bayous in the South, opportunities abound among many people groups in urban and rural centers alike to show Christ’s compassion in advancing His gospel and the building of His church. The vastness of the task demands an eye of compassion paralleling our Savior’s and prayerful consideration of the surrounding need. Urban centers cry out for a redemptive touch; teeming suburbs of affluence crave someone who cares; and small towns await renewal that can only come through the gospel.


North America’s distinction as a “Christian nation” has been largely replaced by a more secular pluralism in which nearly three-fifths are without Christ.

The religiously unaffiliated segment of our society is on the rise. Comprising more than 15 percent of the population, they are now the fastest growing group.

Multicultural and multilingual opportunities
The influx of Hispanic, Asian, and Arab peoples is astounding, not to mention the already present populations of African-Americans and Native Americans throughout the US and Canada. Urban ministry is a major focal point with four out of every five Americans living in major population centers.

Islam is growing rapidly across the United States and in places like Toronto and Windsor. In the US, there are more than 13,000 mosques. Muslims outnumber Methodists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, and Jews.

How You Can Serve

Present Ministries

Spanish-Speaking Ministries

Coworkers are needed to help develop several Hispanic ministries around the country.

Urban Ministries

Workers are needed to assist several urban ministries with discipleship and lay leadership development ministries. Workers are needed for children’s and teen’s ministries in inner-city church plants.

School of Church Planting

Since 1986, the SCP has trained hundreds of missionaries, pastors, and lay people serving in the US and overseas. The training equips ministry workers both to plant and to revitalize churches. Learn more at https://bmmschoolofchurchplant...

Potential Ministries

Bilingual Church Planting

Teams are needed for projected church plants in East Los Angeles, Phoenix, and “Boswash” (Boston-Washington).

Church planting Expansion

Teams are greatly needed to evangelize in New England and the US and Canadian west, with the goal of establishing new congregations.

Muslim Focus

Teams are needed to establish an Islamic ministry in the Detroit/Dearborn metro area.

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