Paris Olympics TN
February 20

Join a team of BMM missionaries for Project Olympics 2024, an evangelistic outreach to the international crowds attending this summer's events in Paris.

Message Star TN2
January 26

The beautiful Moravian star: this unique Christmas icon points Renate Reiner to the star of Bethlehem—and reminds her of the reason she serves the Lord.

Revitalize TN
January 16

Pastors, church planters, and missionaries: Join us June 4–6, 2024, for BMM's Church Revitalization Seminar offering practical guidance for renewing your church's health.

Refugee camp TN
January 15

Stuck in a refugee camp, Choinu had nowhere to turn when she experienced uncontrolled bleeding after delivering her baby boy. Then she found hope and help through World Relief.

22 WR TN
January 8

Your gifts to World Relief are needed as much as ever to help our missionaries and trusted contacts deliver relief to the hurting people of India, an Asian Creative Access Nation, and Ukraine.

PB Dannenberg Odle Pastor Pierre Goumba 11 14 23
December 19

In the Central African Republic, BMM and African leaders held a spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime celebration of 100+ years of BMM ministry in CAR‚ a land thoroughly transformed by the gospel.

23 Peru Camp TN
September 22

Fortress Baptist Camp has played an important role in the growth and expansion of Peruvian churches.

Is Missions Worth It PB
April 28

Is missions worth the sacrifices people must make? It all depends on whether you take a long-term or short-term view of the benefits.

23 Pause session TN
March 2

Enrichment, renewal, and ministry interaction: BMM's Pause Conference does all this and more for our Africa and Europe missionaries

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