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Updated November 16, 2022

Our God has a tender heart for the hurting people of this world. World Relief equips BMM missionaries and our trusted contacts to deliver gospel-focused relief to those in need. Read updates about our ongoing efforts in Ukraine, Myanmar, Florida, and the Dominican Republic. With so many current needs, your gifts are greatly appreciated by us and especially by those being helped. 

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Delivering relief aid in Ukraine


Efforts within Ukraine

On November 8, BMM Slovakia missionaries Don and LeAnne Waite made a second trip into Ukraine to deliver relief supplies. They described their two trips as possibly the most valuable aid they have given since the conflict started. 

When the Waites reconnected with the Ukrainian missionary couple they partner with in-country, they heard how God opened doors through the aid they delivered in September. On the day the Waites arrived, a pastor had contacted the Ukrainian missionaries asking if they had any mattresses or bedding. They were able to tell him that 25 mattresses and bedding would be arriving that day. The pastor and his wife were in tears over God's provision.

God is also working through the Waites' November trip. A Baptist chaplain helping families devastated by the initial stages of the war contacted the Ukrainian missionaries and within a few days received food, sleeping bags, warm clothing, a generator, and other supplies. He wrote on his Facebook page, "This is exactly what a sincere and genuine friendship and concern of the Church for those in need and protecting the country should look like." World Relief funds also provided blankets, coats, boots, and socks for an older couple struggling with cold in the dorm where they are living as refugees. They told the Ukrainian missionaries that they would come to their Bible study.

As people covered Don and LeAnne in prayer, the Lord blessed their entry into Ukraine. It took only two and a half hours in line to get through border controls, and they met a British man who gave them useful advice on the border crossings. When the military officer at the checkpoint noticed Don's American passport and found they were carrying humanitarian aid, he expedited their paperwork, and they were on their way within 15 minutes. Their exit from the country took eight hours, a more typical time.

The trip held many solemn moments. As they passed through two neighboring villages, they saw people lining the roadside wearing funeral dress, with candles at their feet and carrying Ukrainian flags. The Waites wrote, "It must have been the arrival of a soldier's body. It was sobering, and a very visual reminder of the cost of sin in this world." At the border to Poland, they saw many cars and vans and at least six buses full of children from age five to older teens, all leaving the country. The Waites hope to make a third trip in December as funds are available.

Two other BMM missionaries work with a Ukrainian pastor (Igor) and an expatriate missionary in Ukraine. The missionary reported that his area recently suffered bomb blasts, but the Lord protected with no loss of life. He also shared encouraging reports about how one of his students was engaged in fruitful youth ministry and street evangelism in an area where he was displaced in Ukraine. Another student had many opportunities to share God's Word in his city. The Word of God continues to be spread despite war conditions. Through World Relief funds, Pastor Igor recently bought a minivan, and he and men from his church have a circuit ministry of delivering food, repairing homes, and sharing the gospel along the way. Watch BMM's Ukraine video:

“All this was financed not by our churches, but by our brothers and sisters from America through the World Relief Fund that was opened in BMM. We wouldn't be able to do it on our own. It takes around $2,000 per month just for car repairs and fuel. The income of the church decreased due to the fact that many have lost their jobs. So, there was no way the church would be able to afford this ministry without the help of our brothers and sisters from America.”

—Pastor Igor (serving in Ukraine)

Assisting from Slovakia

Since March 2022, Slovakia missionaries Don and LeAnne Waite and their church members have brought dozens of van loads of food and household supplies to a small church in Poland that has taken in Ukrainian refugees. On October 27, the Waites took additional bunk beds and a washer. They also brought more Ukrainian and Russian Bibles; the previous Bibles they brought are all being used.

The refugees housed in the church's apartments have increased from 50 to 60. The newest families are all from eastern Ukraine, and they face challenges because they are suffering the effects of living under war conditions. The Ukrainian government asked refugees not to return before spring at the earliest because of Ukraine's critical energy situation.

Finding housing and employment has been challenging for the Ukrainian men in Poland because they are still learning the language and obtaining proper documentation. Many refugees are flooding the job market. The Waites don't yet see an end to the need for relief supplies.

In August, Don and the Polish pastor purchased 3.1 metric tons of coal, about 25 percent of their winter needs.

If you want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your gifts to World Relief are making a difference among Ukrainians, you have to read this article—Ukrainians in Their Own Words. It was written by Ukrainians still living within their homeland and ministering to those fleeing the fighting. Our brothers and sisters in Christ have taken great courage and are traveling into war-torn areas with both food and the gospel—and people are responding.

One of the men serving in this way said, “People in that area are close to death, so they listen to the gospel very attentively, and they ask for Bibles, especially large print and children's Bibles. People read the Word of God and pray, and soldiers do too. That’s why this ministry is so important! People can die at any moment, so they start thinking about eternal things." We can't say it enough: your gifts matter

Watch a video showing some of the relief efforts: 

Hurricane Relief

World Relief has assisted after Hurricanes Fiona and Ian tore through the Dominican Republic and Florida in late September. 

Many Dominicans in the southern part of the country suffered property damage. BMM missionaries James and Lauren Peavy are distributing World Relief funds to local churches who will use them to repair their buildings and help individual believers with their damaged property. 

In Florida, we've assisted a missionary's sending church in Ft. Myers. The church's community suffered devastating damage that affected a number of their church families. World Relief funds are helping them rebuild and also helping the church be a testimony in their community as they help others rebuild.


Our Bibles International (BI) missionaries have extensive contacts in Myanmar who are helping ethnic minorities who are religiously persecuted and suffering additional violence in the country's civil war. Among one of the most oppressed groups, many have fled their homes to live in the forest, where there are no amenities. Others from their tribe have relocated to neighboring countries for safety.

At risk to their own lives, BI's contacts in Myanmar have helped many families, widows, and other individuals with packages of rice, noodles, beans, salt, and cooking oil. Others receive money for medicine, dialysis, or repairs on homes that were burned.

Among this persecuted group, up to 90 percent adhere to Christianity; however there are still people to be reached. Pastors who receive World Relief funds incorporate evangelistic efforts into their distributions. This summer, children’s camps were held, and nearly 300 kids received nutritious food and the gospel message. Forty-one children received Christ as Savior. One of BI’s contacts wrote, “Every single pastor who distributed the funds expressed to me how thankful they and their people have been to BI for their help.

Can you help?

God never brings suffering without a desire to lead people to salvation or to cause His believers to grow. He is using our missionary teams in these pivotal locations to be a living testimony of His compassion to hurting people. Your gift to World Relief equips them to bring God’s light into their darkness.

Give to World Relief through our Projects page (choose #4).

To give by mail, make checks out to Baptist Mid-Missions Foundation with “World Relief” in the memo line. Mail to:

Baptist Mid-Missions

PO Box 308011

Cleveland, OH 44130-8011

To give by credit card over the phone,
call 440-826-3930

Count on us

Our goal is to be ready to bring relief both to Christians and to unsaved people that the Lord wants to touch with the gospel. We honor your contributions by using them to the fullest extent to help those for whom they are given, and for accountability our missionaries send us detailed reports of their use of World Relief funds.

Please keep our missionaries in prayer for wisdom and endurance in their efforts. They want to effectively provide for and comfort the hurting, even while balancing existing ministries in their already-busy schedules.

Thank you for helping us help others in the name of Christ.

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