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Publishing Christ-centered literature for the rapidly growing Spanish-speaking Church

Editorial Bautista Independiente (EBI) is a growing Spanish-language evangelical publishing ministry that produces doctrinally sound and Christ-centered books and resources for Hispanic Christians, churches, and seminaries all over the world.

Past & Current Work

Missionaries Charles and Dr. Mary Cook along with Doug and Beulah Starkweather began EBI in Puerto Rico in 1960. In 1981 EBI moved to Florida. Today, EBI operates from its headquarters in Sebring, Florida, which contains a showroom, offices, print shop, and warehouse. Six missionary families currently serve with EBI.

As the Hispanic church has matured, so have the materials that EBI publishes to serve them. Having begun with Sunday School and discipleship materials, EBI now also publishes a wide array of theological and practical books for Christian life and ministry. Please take a look at EBI’s website (www.ebi-bmm.org) to see the large selection of Spanish language titles that are published by EBI.

Workers Needed

Even though EBI partners with national leaders and skilled volunteers to carry out the varied and complex facets of the publishing ministry, the need still exists for career missionaries to dedicate themselves to Hispanic publications.

Do you have a passion for missions yet wonder whether there is a place for your skill set in Great Commission ministry? Are you skilled in graphic design, document formatting, printing, marketing, and social media, and do you have a desire to use those gifts to make a difference? Do you love reading books on theology and Christian ministry, and would you enjoy merging those passions with missionary service? Editorial EBI may be the place for you. Please Contact the EBI office for more information.

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