Africa has traditionally been rural, and opportunities still abound in village communities. Two major trends over the last several decades have been high population growth and urbanization. More than 50 percent of Africans live in cities, creating enormous potential for bringing Christ to Africa’s urban centers. 

We are looking for missionaries burdened to reactivate BMM ministry within Botswana.

Our ministry team is focusing on educating and equipping national leaders through discipleship, mentoring, and ministry training to lead and plant new churches.

The church in CAR has an overwhelming need for African and missionary personnel to plant new churches, train leadership, work with youth, and conduct medical ministry.

This predominately Muslim nation has opportunities for ministry in the lesser-reached northern and eastern regions. Church planters, Bible school and theological instructors, and Bible translators are needed throughout the country.

Missionaries are needed to expand our current Bible institute and youth ministry in San Pedro and to launch ministries in dynamic partnership with national leaders.

Missionaries with a heart for evangelism, discipleship, and church planting can enter the country through work in education, medicine, IT and other skills.

Much of Ghana remains without a gospel witness or Bible-preaching churches. Educators, medical personnel, and youth workers will also find many opportunities in Ghana.

Kenya has a large population of nominal Christians in every level of society. Missionary teams are needed to plant solidly biblical churches and to develop discipleship and campus ministries.

In-depth work in Liberia has produced many churches and support ministries. Missionaries will find opportunities to train future church leaders and develop missionary/national church-planting teams.

BMM's work in Mozambique started as a partnership between Brazilian and American missionaries. More church planters are needed to join the team, with future potential for Bible institutes, camps, and other ministries.

Known as the "Rainbow Nation," South Africans comprise multiple races and religions. Even their Christian community is a melting pot of denominations and perspectives. Church planters are needed to establish biblical churches.

Zambia has been considered a Christian nation, but most Zambians hold a very ecumenical mindset. Opportunities exist for church-planting missionaries to establish solidly biblical testimonies throughout Zambia.


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