Land & People

Kenya sits atop the equator and has a climate that varies from hot and humid to extremely dry. The country’s southwest highlands, where most of the population lives, allows for extensive farming. Most Kenyans live in rural areas, but each year many move to the cities. Although Kenya is the regional hub for trade and finance in East Africa, poor economic practices have limited Kenya’s growth.


There has been religious freedom since Kenya’s independence in 1963. A great majority of Kenyans claim to be Christian, and Christians can be found in every level of society, but many are Christian in name only.

Year Established


Past & Current Work

Stephen and Edna Muindi, native Kenyans, joined Baptist Mid-Missions in 2004 to serve in their homeland. Our strategy is to form a team of missionaries to plant churches in an upper middle-class neighborhood in Eldoret, Kenya. The ministry will also involve campus outreach and national leadership development.


To develop more church plants, campus ministries, and discipleship programs.

Workers Needed

We need more workers who can join existing missionaries in church planting, campus ministry, and discipleship. Because the ministry will be bilingual, missionaries need to learn Swahili.

Available Opportunities

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