The world hungers for what only Christ can offer.

God seeks those willing to take His gospel to the world.
Find out what is involved in the great calling of missions
and how we can support you every step of the way.

“Expect great things from God;
attempt great things for God.”

—William Carey, the father of modern missions
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Whatever your interests and skills, there’s a place for you at Baptist Mid-Missions.

Ways to Get Involved

You may be surprised at how God can use your skills and willingness to serve Him in life-changing ways. We offer a broad range of opportunities from week-long mission trips to full-time service. Explore our new Global Fit service option for a flexible way to be involved in the Great Commission. 


Long Term

Full-time Career Opportunities

Service lasting four years or more

Short Term

Extended Assignment, Arriba

Service lasting six months to two years


College and High School

Internships and programs tailored for students

Mission Trips

Group and Individual Trips

Service opportunities for groups and individuals
Travis consultation r

Why BMM?

As a mission agency, we are a reliable connector between the local church and the mission field. We define a mission agency as an organization designed to serve the local church by helping her to send her gospel workers around the globe through practical and organizational help backed by professional experience and know-how. Above all, you are considered a part of the BMM family of missionaries.

Here’s how we help:

Guidance for prospective missionaries (given by BMM leaders with years of pastoral/missionary experience). Thorough training to prepare new missionaries.

Gives potential supporting churches confidence that our missionaries’ doctrine and character are biblically sound.

In addition to following careful procedures for both receiving and receipting gifts sent in for missionaries, we provide our missionaries with accurate support estimates, experience with foreign banks, and proper preparation of tax returns for domestic and foreign missionaries. Integrity is of utmost importance.

Insightful counsel for missionaries, 24/7 emergency access to administrators, counsel on medical issues unfamiliar to Stateside doctors. Our humble leaders have service to the mission family as their focus.

A specific department meant to be a go-to, confidential resource for our mission family in times of special need for counsel and encouragement with the desire to strengthen and renew the missionary’s zeal and longevity.

Many governments require missionaries to have sponsorship from a recognized agency. They also require extensive paperwork to live in-country. Serving in Creative Access Nations is difficult and potentially dangerous without an agency’s expertise and assistance.

Worldwide inflation and higher standards of living increasingly demand that missionaries pool resources and personnel for efforts such as large-scale evangelistic campaigns, church construction in metropolitan areas, Bible colleges and camps, and disaster relief. A team of interdependent individuals holds a strong advantage.

On-field and off-site conferences for missionaries and MKs offering encouragement, continuing education, and help coping with ministry stresses.

Trained BMM facilitators collaborate with missionary teams to initiate proactive, culturally insightful plans to develop strong Baptist churches that continue after the missionaries’ work is done.

Monitoring of missionaries’ safety, coordination of communications with churches and governments, and emergency evacuations.

Coordination of humanitarian assistance funds, enabling missionaries in disaster areas to meet physical needs while creating openings for the gospel.

What our missionaries say about BMM:

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