Am I Ready?

How do I know if I’m ready?

Your local church is expected by the Lord to send qualified and Spirit-filled individuals to the mission field. You can see how BMM has responded to that need by reading our Core Qualifications below. It also helps you to see how you can prepare to get plugged in if you’re not quite ready yet.

Core Qualifications

• Mature Christian character
• An active member in an independent local church that agrees with our Articles of Faith
• Experienced in Christian service and a lifestyle of active evangelism
• Adequately trained for your desired missionary endeavor
• In agreement with Baptist Mid-Missions’ Articles of Faith

Other Qualifications

If you fit the Core Qualifications above, we will discuss other requirements with you during the application process.

• Recommended by your local church for missionary service
• Commitment to raising support for your missions ministry
• Ability to work as a part of a ministry team
• References who can attest to your character and fitness for missionary service
• Proof of legal residency in the United States or Canada
• Travel documents and immunizations required for the country you will visit
• Proof of medical insurance

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