Although Christianity was introduced more than a century ago, many Pacific islanders are nominal Christians or have turned their attention to other religions. The work in the Pacific is far from over. Churches must be established that result in genuine believers who replicate biblical Christianity in their cultures. 

Australia has always been a land of immigrants, and metropolitan Melbourne is a vast multicultural mission field. Workers are needed to reach these people with the gospel and press on in the face of Australians’ spiritual apathy.

Ministries focused towards specific cultural groups (Chuukese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino) provide a unique ministry opportunity on Guam, especially among young people.

New Zealand was once considered a Christian nation, but Kiwis are increasingly interested in other forms of spirituality outside of God and Christianity. We need long-term missionaries to establish churches that teach the Bible in a way that transforms lives.

Through extensive missionary work, 96 percent of islanders claim to be Christian, but true repentance and discipling are urgently needed. Church planters, Bible translators, and Bible institute and medical personnel will find many ministry opportunities.


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