Papua New Guinea


Land & People

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is comprised of the eastern half of the island of New Guinea (shared with Indonesia) and many smaller islands in the north and east. The country enjoys the tropical climate of a South Pacific island. Eighty-five percent of the population make a subsistence living on agriculture. However, oil, copper, and gold, make up 72 percent of export earnings. Ninety-eight percent of the people are Melanesian, but there are about 1000 other smaller people groups speaking 862 languages.


Missionaries from both the South Pacific and the West began entering PNG more than 100 years ago. The islanders were then cannibals, and many early missionaries suffered martyrdom or disease. However, a great deal of missionary work was invested by a broad spectrum of Protestant groups, and nearly every tribe has now been reached. Ninety-six percent claim to be Christian, although in many cases, it is nominal or superficial Christianity. True repentance and discipling are urgently needed.

Year Established


Past & Current Work

In 2004, Craig and Linda Throop, who had extensive experience as Bible translators on PNG, joined Baptist Mid-Missions to serve there as church planters. In June 2005, the PNG government approved Baptist Mid-Missions as an incorporated assocation, allowing us to send missionaries into the country. The Throops retired in 2018.

Ministry Possibility

We currently have no missionaries in Papua New Guinea, but missionaries who are burdened for this country will find opportunities to serve. The 2004 survey that Baptist Mid-Missions conducted of PNG identified seven areas of the country open to church planters. We now need at least one veteran missionary couple to recruit and lead a team of 3-4 missionary couples/singles to serve as church planters, Bible institute personnel, Bible translators, and medical personnel.

Available Opportunities

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