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Guam, "where America's day begins," is the westernmost possession of the United States. It is the largest and southernmost of the Mariana Islands in the West Pacific, thereby making it geographically part of Micronesia. The present population is a rich blend of many races, which makes Guam a cosmopolitan community of various customs and traditions. Guam is one of the most progressive and advanced communities in its part of the world.


Roman Catholicism affects much of the cultural life on the island.

Year Established


Past & Current Work

Floyd and Francis Holmes went to Guam in September 1982 to establish a Bible institute for Micronesian and Asian students in conjunction with Harvest Baptist Church located on the island. Harvest Bible Baptist Institute continues to train Micronesians under the direction of the church. Two other couples began Lighthouse Baptist Church on the southern end of the island in 1982.

One medical professional is based on Guam and works with Harvest Baptist Church. Medical missions trips to the Micronesian Islands have allowed for the provision of primary care to islanders living in villages as well as the assistance of the evangelistic outreach of missionaries stationed permanently in the Micronesian islands.


Guam is the hub of Micronesia. Many islanders come to Guam for further health care, education, and jobs. Ministries focused towards specific cultural groups (Chuukese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino) provide a unique ministry opportunity on Guam, especially among young people. The northern end of the island is particularly lacking in ministry outreach directed toward Micronesians.

Workers Needed

Church planters are needed to further reach distinct ethnic and cultural groups in Guam.

Available Opportunities

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