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Our FirstLook internship program provides college students with the opportunity to visit and live with missionaries, with the express purpose of exposing them to the day-to-day life of a missionary. FirstLook has helped many students determine God's will for their lives.

After receiving your pastor’s approval and approving your application, BMM will make an account available to you to receive the financial support needed for your ministry internship. Our host missionaries will do their best to provide you with the necessary requirements of your internship and to create a stretching, yet faith-building experience.

Group internships in several countries are available annually that provide a carefully planned internship seeing a variety of ministries in a given field. If the country you are burdened for is not included in the group internships, ask us if an individual trip would be available for your particular interests. While most trips take place in the summer months, there are options available year-round.

Length of service: 4-8 weeks


If you are a high school student that is passionate about ministry and missions, you have options, too. Some fields have internship programs for teens, while many others welcome individual teens to introduce them to ministry in their particular location. By God’s grace, you will meet missionaries’ needs and help them reach people for Christ. At the same time, you will be exposed to a world beyond your own to see the needs of lost people.

Length of service: 2 weeks

Our missionaries are looking for serious-minded, joy-filled students to welcome onto their fields as interns. Consider pursuing a FirstLook or TeenConnect internship and prepare to be changed.

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Note: If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us to discuss possibilities.

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