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Because of its location at six degrees above the equator, Liberia has a tropical rain forest climate. Liberians can be divided into two groups: indigenous tribal people and the Colonists, who are descendants of freed slaves from the United States.


Tribal religions compose 70 percent of the total religious life. Islam (20%) strongly influences the tribes, especially in the north and northwest. Protestant influences (10%) prevail on the coast and in some areas in the interior.

Year Established


Past & Current Work

The in-depth missionary work in Liberia in the past produced many independent Baptist churches, Bible institutes, Christian day schools, and literacy programs. Aviation ministry opened remote areas to the gospel. Many men and women have been trained through the Bible school, Bible institute, and Bible College to carry the Good News to their own people. A medical work and leprosy colony in Yila were used by the Lord to bring many to salvation.

Large portions of the Bible have been translated into Bassa, and the Krahn New Testament has been completed.


Since Liberia's Civil War in 1989, Baptist Mid-Missions has had to evacuate all its missionaries on two occasions. From 1998 through 2003 we had no resident BMM missionaries in Liberia though visits were made for ongoing encouragement of church and Bible institute leaders. In July 2004, Mark and Nancy Sheppard and their family returned for resident missionary service. Much attention is being given to leadership development as maturing churches continue to be responsible for their own growth. Ministry is being conducted among Liberian refugees in Ivory Coast.

Workers Needed

Pray for capable missionaries committed to training future church leadership and developing missionary/national church-planting teams.

Available Opportunities

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