Alpha Albrights
May 19

This outspoken but generous-hearted 100-year-old rescued Kent and Belén Albright when they were young, struggling missionaries.

TN How to Communicate Miss
April 21

As supporters, you form your missionaries’ family, support network, and safety net. During times of crisis, you can fill a critical role in their ministries and lives.

TN 2020 logo3
April 7

In our 100th anniversary year, we refreshed our look to show our readiness to meet the challenge of missions in our changing world.

TN Tarvin
March 31

In a small Peruvian mountain town, medical and government workers are learning about Christ as missionary Rachel Tarvin works alongside them during the COVID crisis.

Odle web
March 8

On March 8, 2020, Patrick Odle was announced as Baptist Mid-Missions’ President-Elect.

PB Chad Graduates
March 6

January 2020 culminated a longstanding dream in Chad, Africa.

PB Reiner plane
February 20

Is ministry worth it? It's a question Harold Reiner asked himself after a tragic 1962 plane crash that killed two of his children and a coworker.

TN Campbells
February 6

What if a new missionary came pre-equipped with years of experience? That missionary would have a head start in effective ministry. That’s exactly what happens when retirees pursue a second career as missionaries.

TN Three Ways to Pray
February 3

Three powerful ways to universally pray for any missionary

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