PB Chad Graduates
March 6

January 2020 culminated a longstanding dream in Chad, Africa.

PB Reiner plane
February 20

Is ministry worth it? It's a question Harold Reiner asked himself after a tragic 1962 plane crash that killed two of his children and a coworker.

Pat Wendy Campbell
February 6

What if a new missionary came pre-equipped with years of experience? That missionary would have a head start in effective ministry. That’s exactly what happens when retirees pursue a second career as missionaries.

TN Three Ways to Pray
February 3

Three powerful ways to universally pray for any missionary

TN Missionary Soul Care
November 8

Baptist Mid-Missions has appointed Dr. Jeff Newman to fill a new position of Administrator for Missionary Soul Care.

TN 2020 Amazon Smile
October 25

Support Baptist Mid-Missions while you shop—at no cost to you!

PB CAN Communication
August 6

Missionaries in Creative Access Nations welcome your letters but depend on you to exercise great wisdom in how you communicate with them.

TN Home Office Tour
March 1

By nature, our work is a behind-the-scenes ministry. Many people are surprised, however, by the beehive of activity taking place inside the walls of Baptist Mid-Missions’ Global Ministry Center.

TN 16 Ways
February 28

A PDF download from the spring 2019 issue of Advance magazine.

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