My name is Elzira, and this is my testimony. I worked all my life until I was 76 years old. Divorced, I lived with my daughter. When I stopped working I went to live by myself. I became a depressed person. I cried a lot; I felt sorry for everything I had done wrong.

Then I met my new neighbors, Marli and Rodrigo. They began to insist that I go to church with them, but I didn't want to. I was lazy. I was addicted to soap operas and films, and I watched them constantly. They were my friends, or so I thought.

Marli and Rodrigo, however, kept insisting that I go with them to church. They never gave up on me.

I started going to church and at first I didn't like it. But at Marli's insistence (she is a wonderful person), I kept going.

I thought about accepting Jesus. Rodrigo and Marli said that I needed to ask for forgiveness with faith in my heart and that I would have an incredible transformation in my life.

I didn't believe them. I couldn't imagine that I could quit watching TV and all my films, all of which made me forget my lonely existence. What I really wanted to do was die and be done with my miserable life.

Then, one day I prayed to Jesus with faith in my heart, and He forgave me and I became a new person! I couldn't believe how I began to change. I didn't care about movies, TV, and other things that I discovered were not good for me. I now live in peace and am always happy! Jesus is wonderful! He had pity on me!

Photo: Elzira (center) attends the church pastored by missionaries Mike and Dawn Jewell in Tatuí, São Paulo, Brazil, where she is growing in her newfound faith.

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