By Stan Templeton

A group of 28 from the second church Ruth and I started in Lima took a mission trip to the southern region of Peru. They evangelized and gave out more of our solar radios to those who expressed interest in hearing the Word but did not have the means to hear it by radio. This was when they met Domingo, a man in his 50s.

Domingo comes from a staunch Catholic background. One day he was hanging out with his friends and going from station to station on the radio dial looking for music when he came across our station. The difference struck him, so he listened. And he listened some more even after his friends left. He had never heard the Bible explained in a way he could understand. The messages were so different from the ones he was used to hearing in his church. For one thing, the speakers on the radio read from the Bible and sought to explain it.

Domingo was slowly going blind. This intensified his interest as his soul searched for something more than music. In short, he found Jesus by listening to the Word on our radio station! Then he heard about the church group coming to his area, and he wanted to meet someone from RRI (our station). With great effort, he succeeded in finding the mission team from Lima and got to meet our assistant, Edward.

This is how we learned of his conversion to Christ. Since Edward had never met him, even though Domingo continually praised RRI, Edward did not assume this new listener was saved. He asked him about his salvation. In the beginning, he did not understand what Edward was asking, so Edward calmly asked him more questions. Then suddenly Domingo understood and responded: “Oh… oh yeah. I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins and rose again from the dead.” Then he went on to explain very clearly that he understood the gospel message.

His family has practically disowned him because he talks to them about Jesus and tries to tell them the way of salvation is not through religion. Domingo has paid a price. His old beat-up radio had sputtered out it last words, so Edward gave him one of our solar radios. Now he is connected to RRI. But more importantly, he is eternally connected to Christ!

Stan and his wife, Ruth, serve in Lima, Peru, in church planting and the radio ministry
Red Radio Integridad (RRI—Integrity Radio Network). The goal of the Templetons and their Peruvian coworkers is to blanket Peru with the gospel through RRI.

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