2024 Paris Olympics

This summer, an estimated 15 million visitors from around the world will converge in Paris, France, for a once-in-a-lifetime event, The 2024 Summer Olympics. We invite you to join a team of BMM France missionaries for an equally life-changing opportunity: Project Olympics 2024, an evangelistic outreach to reach the international crowds attending this summer’s events.

When is the outreach?

Opportunities exist during all three weeks of the Olympics: July 25–August 15. Volunteers can serve any of the available one-week slots. On the way home, groups will spend two days touring London.

What will volunteers do?

Help sow seeds of the gospel by engaging in street evangelism at major Parisian sites. Volunteers will also hand out tracts with a website accessible by QR code. The site leads visitors to gospel material in their language and helps them connect with local churches through missionaries partnering with the outreach.

What are the qualifications?

Project Olympics 2024 needs born-again believers with a desire for evangelism. Knowledge of a foreign language is helpful but not required. In addition to a zeal for the lost, volunteers should be in good physical shape to manage walking to venues and the hours spent in witnessing.

How can I learn more?

Visit the project page for full details. For additional questions, contact the sponsoring church.

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