Native American Ministries

North America

Widely differing in history, culture, language, and religious beliefs, Native American nations spread across this continent are now a largely forgotten people. Some traveled overland following herds, while others crossed the great ocean, seeking a place to call home, immigrating in waves over hundreds of years. Each tribe shaped old traditions to fit their new land, raising animals or creating works of art. The arrival of Europeans brought dramatic changes to their lives through wars, disease—and finally limiting the people to reservations. Early exposure to false concepts of Christianity caused confusion and became mingled with their own animistic ceremonies. As people began leaving home to look for jobs in towns and cities, the door was opened to share the truth of the gospel.

Evangelizing tribes of Native Americans is limited by the diminishing team of laborers for a vast field where BMM missionaries have struggled for 70 years to win souls. Active BMM ministry team members serve in western Canada and the Southwest United States, ministering through establishing Baptist churches, discipling, and evangelizing. Workers are needed to help in many facets of ministry. Our desperate plea mirrors God’s Macedonian call “Come over and help us.”

See the need and what you can do

  • Missionaries are needed to develop Bible classes, evangelize, disciple, and start Baptist churches.
  • Teachers are needed to teach in Bible institutes, providing culturally sensitive theological training and strengthening of leaders.
  • Biblical counselors are needed to administer God’s Word to those enslaved by sin.
  • Youth leaders are needed to reach young people and encourage growth in Christlikeness.
  • Individuals burdened for children’s souls are needed to work in Sunday School, children’s church, and Bible clubs.
  • Bible teachers, counselors, cooks, and craft workers are needed for Bible camps.
  • Musicians are needed to enhance worship services and to teach believers to use their talents in the local church.
  • Workers are needed to provide building maintenance and to organize new construction projects.
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