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Only one-third the size of Kansas, the Emerald Isle's 27,000 square miles contain some of the most picturesque land in all of Europe. Ireland's people are warm, witty, friendly, and proud. Most are simple, hard-working people.


Catholicism is not just a religion to these people, it is their very existence. Ninety percent of the people are practicing, devout followers of the Mass. Baptists are considered a cult.

Year Established


Past & Current Work

Robert and Jeanne Deugan went to Ireland in the late 1970s to begin a work in Galway. They labored there until 1990. Dennis and Traci Jacob established a church in Galway and served there until 2013.


Baptist Mid-Missions has a twofold goal. The first is to see a witness given forth in love that will enable the Holy Spirit to bring conviction of sin in the lives of many individuals and a surrender to Christ as their personal Savior. This can be accomplished by means of Bible study groups conducted in the home of the missionary. It will require a patient and persistent method of personal visitation.

The second part will be to see these Bible study groups mature spiritually to the point where they can organize themselves into a sound, local New Testament Baptist church. The local church will be able to strengthen and edify the believers and to continue to propagate the message of Christ to their own people.

Workers Needed

We currently have no missionaries in Ireland, but missionaries who are burdened for this country will find opportunities to serve, especially church planters who are willing and ready to stay a number of years. Progress may be slow but by God's grace, Galway and other cities will soon have and be greatly influenced by sound indigenous Bible-believing Baptist churches.

Available Opportunities

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