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The Kingdom of Thailand, with an area about twice the size of Wyoming, is located in Southeast Asia on the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. It borders Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. Thailand's population is estimated at about 61 million, with 12 million living in the capital city.

Traditionally an agrarian nation, today Thailand boasts a complex, multi-faceted economy embracing industries that employ the latest and most sophisticated technology. Thailand not only enjoys agricultural self-sufficiency but is also the only net food exporter in Asia and one of the largest food exporters in the world.


About 95% of Thais practice Buddhism mixed with Animism. The country has approximately 18,000 Buddhist temples. Islam makes up about 4%. The majority of Muslims live in the area just north of Malaysia. Less than 1% are evangelical Christians.

Year Established


Past & Current Work

In 2001, BMM missionaries first entered Thailand for ministries of evangelism and discipleship for church planting. Other ministry approaches include music and teaching English. Currently, two missionary couples are working in Thailand. Our work started in an area several hours from Bangkok, where one couple and a single lady began a work. In more recent years, two couples have located in the urban center, Bangkok, and have launched Pinklao Baptist Church.


The primary goals of BMM’s Thai Team are church planting and personal discipleship. By leading Thai people to Christ, missionaries are building a local body of believers who will in turn reach out to their own people with the good news.

Once several independent Baptist churches are established in Bangkok, with a ministry training center, surrounding cities will be targeted. Another three couples are needed immediately for the work of church planting and discipleship.

Workers Needed

Church planters skilled in evangelism and discipleship are needed to join the team of missionaries God is raising up for Thailand. In addition, workers trained in teaching English as a second language are needed. The personal relationships arising from ESL classes provide many opportunities for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with Thai people.

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