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Much of the population of 12 million people remains uneducated and poor.


Cambodia has had such a long history of Buddhism that it has become tied to Cambodia's national identity. To switch religions is seen as a break from family ties, especially in the countryside. The number of professing Christians is growing, and Christianity is becoming more accepted, but the churches are small and are in need of help in discipling believers and developing in them a heart for evangelism.

Year Established


Past & Current Work

Baptist Mid-Missions' first couple entered Cambodia in September 2000; a second couple joined them in August 2001 and a third in 2009. Church planting and leadership training are vital in Cambodia today as most of the country lacks a church of any kind. A great need in Cambodia is for a Bible school. There are few national pastors in the country, and most of them have had little biblical education.

Cambodia has a serious lack of quality medical care. Health workers, especially doctors and nurses, could be of service to the people by teaching community health and training national health workers or by working in clinics themselves. Christian health workers could give the physical care the people require, while at the same time witnessing to them of their need of trusting and following Christ.

Given the poverty of many Cambodians, some foreign aid efforts of Christians have caused a dependency mentality, especially in the capital. This has caused a skewed image of what a church is.

Workers Needed

Church planters, Bible school educators, and medical personnel are needed to strengthen the outreach and discipleship going on already in Cambodia.

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Through the Climate short-term missions program, our missionaries offer an opportunity for college students to get a first look at missions in Cambodia. To find out more about Climate, click here for our brochure.

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