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When we think of missions, we typically think of words like, “Go!” “Go … make disciples!” “Go … preach the gospel!” But missions also means heeding Christ’s command to come.

Fall23 Appointee Berasngar P

Class of 2023: Obed & Lacy Berasngar

Obed and Lacy are helping build God's church by reaching a forgotten people group: the street children of Koumra, Chad.

Fall23 Appointee Fray TN

Class of 2023: Nathan & Rebecca Fray

When Rebecca met Nathan, it was the culmination of all her years of preparing for missions. She will be joining his longtime ministries in Brazil.

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Class of 2023: Rosie G.

Through BMM's new Global Fit option, Rosie will help put God's Word into the hands of people who need it the most.

Fall23 Appointee Raines TN

Class of 2023: Jared & Jessica Raines

Without faith, it would have been impossible for Jared and Jessica to uproot their lives and respond to God's calling to serve at Missionary Acres, BMM's retirement community in Missouri.

Fall23 Appointee Seymour TN

Class of 2023: Brian & Eva Seymour

God stretched Brian and Eva's hearts for service, and they wondered if God wanted them to do more. God was preparing them to reach college students through Campus Bible Fellowship.

Fall23 Appointee Smith TN

Class of 2023: Anna Smith

Pursuing missions seemed scary for Anna as a single person. God showed her that, as He had cared for her in the past, He would be all she needed to serve Him.

Fall23 Appointee Weidner TN

Class of 2023: Sarah Weidner

As a young teenager, Sarah learned about Romania's Roma people (thought to be descended from India's Untouchables). From that time on, she yearned to show God's love to them.

Fall23 PRAY938 TN

The PRAY938 app

It's easier than ever to pray Matthew 9:38 prayers for more harvest laborers by using the new PRAY938 app for Android and Apple.

Fall23 Global Fit TN

The Right Fit

Baptist Mid-Missions’ Global Fit option is making missionary service more possible for more people in more places.

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Israel 2024

The Sea of Galilee, Caesarea Philippi, Beth Shean, Jerusalem …

You’ve read about them in the Bible. Now see them for yourself.

Fall23 YGI TN

Your Global Impact

Your gift to the Global Impact Fund provides preparation that helps missionaries thrive amidst the rigors of missionary life.

Fall23 SEND938 TN

The SEND938 Podcast

The podcast that encourages, equips, and inspires the next generation of missionary servants and the churches who send them.

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