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Fall 2023

Class of 2023: Brian & Eva Seymour

Ministry: Campus Bible Fellowship

Sending Church: Grace Baptist Church—Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Children: Isobel (9), Cosette (7), Eliane (5), Liam (1)

As adult MKs, Brian and Eva attended BMM’s 2021 Family Conference where Dr. Odle challenged everyone to daily pray Matthew 9:38, asking God to send more workers. “I could do that,” Brian thought. God was already stretching Brian’s heart for service, and he wondered if God wanted more of him and Eva.

Throughout her childhood as the daughter of BMM Venezuela missionaries Nic and Joanne Nicodemus, Eva loved missions. Wanting to pour her life into something eternal, Eva studied at a Bible institute in Venezuela until that country’s turmoil forced out expatriate missionaries. She later got her teaching degree and taught in the Hispanic community of McAllen, Texas.

Although Brian’s parents (Mark & Debbie Seymour), grandparents (Dave & Ruth Seymour), and even great-grandparents (Arthur & Linda Seymour) served with BMM in the African nation of Chad, Brian struggled with his walk with the Lord until he realized that he had put God into a box of his own making. Broken over the sinful habits he’d fallen into, Brian fully surrendered his life for God to use. 

Through mutual friends, Brian and Eva met and married in 2013. Brian and Eva’s desire to serve the Lord grew to the point of seeking God about full-time ministry. They returned to BMM’s 2022 Family Conference, where many urged them toward missionary service. When Brian talked with his long-time friend, Steve Anderson (now BMM’s Administrator for North America, Asia & the Pacific), the first word out of Steve’s mouth was “CBF.” Steve urged Brian and Eva to start praying about Campus Bible Fellowship, BMM’s ministry on secular universities.

Steve set up visits to CBF ministries in North Carolina and Indiana. Eva was already sold on the idea of missions, and the visits showed Brian that God could use their entire family in a ministry like CBF. Brian excels at one-on-one and group discipleship, and he had already talked to his church about starting a college and career group. Eva’s experience as a college resident assistant and room leader gave her insight into students’ lives. Using their backgrounds, gifts, and experience, Brian and Eva are eager to reach the next generation for Christ through Campus Bible Fellowship.

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