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Fall 2023

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She’s thriving—and you’re a big part of it

If there were street signs, she could not have read them yet. She knew she was at the right corner, just a bit early. As she sat down to wait for her teammates, the villagers called to each other in the local dialect and she picked up some of their sentences, a sign of progress!

She thought back on her preparation. Her upbringing was marked by the Christlike influence of her parents and her pastor. Her walk with Christ brought her to the point where, on a mission survey trip, she was moved with compassion for the lost and compelled to return as a missionary. The training she received at Baptist Mid-Missions’ Candidate Seminar prepared her for enduring the difficulties of this transition and for meshing well with her team of fellow missionaries who had arrived years earlier.

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And so she had been equipped for this phase of culture shock. As she anticipated, everything foreign seemed hostile at first, before familiarity softened her surroundings. There were new sights: the herds of goats on city streets and unclean, crowded buses. There were new sounds: the odd car horns and the  locals who seemed to yell comically at their mobile phones rather than talk. And, yes, there were new smells from the local meat and spice markets, from her neighbor’s coal-fired stove, and from the farmer who plucked chickens in the alleyway beside her flat as he bantered with customers. But while her surroundings seemed foreign, when she looked at the faces of her neighbors, she found things familiar in the eyes of a people she was coming to love, who desperately needed the hope of the gospel.

Her teammates’ car pulled to the curb and she climbed in. It was her first month in-country, and her heart was brimming with joy for their fellowship and encouragement. 

Your gift to the Global Impact Fund provides preparation that helps missionaries thrive amidst the rigors of missionary life.

Your gift equips them with resources for cross-cultural training, team-building, ongoing soul care, child safety and protection, and ministry-skill enhancement. These resources help new missionaries integrate into highly functioning teams that accelerate the spread of the gospel worldwide.

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Through BMM Foundation’s Memorial Fund, you can give a lasting legacy by donating in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special occasion. Gifts made to the Memorial Fund are invested and are used to provide services to missionaries, churches, and ministry partners.

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