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Fall 2023

The Right Fit

The Apostle Paul is the classic example of a missionary: someone who devotes himself full time to spreading the gospel and training believers in the faith. But not all missionaries have looked like Paul. From Christianity’s beginning, people like Aquila and Priscilla have combined a separate career with missions service. And because of this, Paul’s missions efforts were multiplied everywhere Priscilla and Aquila served.

How can we help modern-day Aquilas and Priscillas multiply missions? Our answer is Global Fit. This new service option maintains Baptist Mid-Missions’ bedrock values—the centrality of the local church and doctrinal integrity—while opening more missions possibilities for more people in more places. Consider these real-life examples:

A pastor felt that God wanted him to maintain his present ministry, but he was also burdened to train nationals on the mission field. Through Global Fit, men like this can serve in both areas of calling. In Alaska, a couple serving in a secular job have been helping a BMM church plant for several years. They are mostly self-funded and their ministry length falls outside the scope of short-term ministry. Through Global Fit, they can serve in greater ways through access to BMM resources, and they can help BMM career missionaries do even more.

And consider someone burdened to plant or revitalize a specific church in North America. They wouldn’t need permanent support, but they could benefit from raising funds under BMM’s name and through our network of churches. Global Fit is also an excellent option for early retirees who want to offer the rest of their active years toward missions. This new missions option is especially critical for those hoping to serve in Creative Access Nations. In these countries, the only way missionaries can typically enter is by offering a business or service, which will partially fund them. As BMM Global Fit missionaries, they can raise needed support and have the backing of BMM’s experience to navigate the delicate subtleties of entering and maintaining ministry in these countries.

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Does this mean the end of career missionaries? Absolutely not. 

To establish long-term, reproducing ministries, career missionaries must be the core of BMM ministries—and they always will be. The benefit of Global Fit missionaries is how they come alongside career missionaries. Think of missions as a house. Career missionaries make up the essential elements of foundation and framework. Without these “Global Core” workers, missions could not hold together or endure for the long haul. When Global Fit missionaries enter the picture, they bring enhancements to the missions house by offering ministry skills and services that make the house stronger and more functional.

Global Fit is a win-win missions innovation. 

It offers creative options to bring people into the “house of missions” who may never otherwise serve formally. It encompasses creative professionals who can offer sophisticated skills that enhance career missionary ministries. People like Rosie G. can continue using their Bible translation skills from home using global internet connectivity so that translations are accelerated. Or a person with an internationally based job can assist mission churches in their host country.

The possibilities are as expansive as the benefits. Each Global Fit missionary will onboard through a process very similar to career missionaries as they are sent out from their local churches. In this way, we ensure our ministries maintain their doctrinal integrity and stability as Global Fit workers join with career missionaries.

Maybe you never thought you would have a way to serve in missions. Global Fit could be just what you are looking for. 

Contact us at or call 440-826-3930 to find out more.

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