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Fall 2023

Class of 2023: Rosie G.

Ministry: Bibles International

Sending Church: Family Baptist Church—Minneapolis, Minnesota

In February 2023, while serving short-term with Bibles International (BI), Rosie was amazed when Mira* rushed into the room. She heard that Rosie and her BI colleagues were helping translate the Bible into her mother tongue, the Muslim Tat language. “I dropped everything,” she said, “so I could tell the churches in the US how much we need the Bible in our language!”

It wasn’t the first time Rosie recognized the importance of both missions and Bible translation. During her teen years, when her older brother returned from mission trips, Rosie was blown away at how many people didn’t know the Lord and wouldn’t know Him unless someone went to them. When she read the story of her great-aunt and great-uncle (Bible translators in Colombia), she was surprised that even today many people groups still don’t have God’s Word in their mother tongues. God used these experiences and many more to put Bible translation on her heart.

Rosie studied hard, seeing God faithfully sustain her as she earned a master’s degree for work in Bible translation. Her short-term ministries with Bibles International and another translation ministry fully confirmed her ministry direction: “I definitely want to do this!” Then she met Josué, and their relationship turned serious. Although Josué had a strong interest in missions, he was facing more than eight years of medical training before he could consider serving in full-time missions. Rosie thought she would have to settle for only short-term ministry with BI until she learned about BMM’s Global Fit option.

Rosie qualified for Global Fit, which gives her the flexibility to serve full-time with BI after marrying Josué in August, even though Josué is not officially serving with BMM. The couple are living in Greenville, South Carolina, while Josué continues training and Rosie does the bulk of her translation ministry from home. Rosie marvels at how God put all the pieces together. After a college mission trip in a Muslim area, she grew to love Muslim people. Now she can help get the Bible into Muslims’ native languages. When trial editions of Muslim Tat Scripture portions were published, Christians like Mira loved it but, surprisingly, Tats who are Muslim were also eager to read the Scriptures. Through Global Fit, Rosie will help put God’s Word into the hands of people who need it the most.

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