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Fall 2023

Class of 2023: Nathan & Rebecca Fray

Ministry: Brazil

Sending Church: Bethel Baptist Church—Hampton, Virginia

Children: Priscilla (15)

“The will of God is never exactly what you expect it to be. It may seem to be much worse, but in the end it’s going to be a lot better and a lot bigger.” 

When Rebecca grew up reading missionary biographies, she didn’t expect her life to become a living example of this Elisabeth Elliot quote. God’s will for her has been totally unexpected, but it truly led to something better and bigger than what she dreamed.

Her parents’ love for God and service rubbed off on Rebecca and her siblings, and by the time Rebecca was 16, she dedicated her life to serve the Lord. She didn’t know what that service would look like, but she majored in missions in college, fully willing to be a missionary. She served in a mission internship in Nova Scotia, but by the time her college graduation came around, she didn’t feel peace pursuing missions on her own.

As the years went by, she kept missions tucked into her heart as she worked as a teacher and administrative assistant. During vacations, she poured herself into more mission trips, serving in South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Columbia, and the US. She never expected to stay single for so long, but God was assembling all the pieces of His will.

In August 2022, Brazil missionary Nathan Fray* contacted her, having met her in college and knowing her through mutual friends. Nathan and his late wife, Diane, had served many years as church planters. It did not take long for Nathan and Rebecca to see God’s plan taking shape, confirmed through prayer and encouragement from those who knew them best. At Christmas time, Rebecca visited Nathan in Brazil and saw his ministries. She readily accepted his proposal and they married in August 2023.

“Serving with Nathan on the mission field is everything I ever dreamed of or prayed for,” says Rebecca. “It’s a culmination of all of God’s preparation.” She plans to work alongside Nathan in church planting using gifts in teaching, music, and hospitality. Rebecca’s mom, who died several years ago, had prayed fervently about Rebecca’s life and that she would marry a godly man. Her prayers were answered beautifully in God’s “a lot better and a lot bigger” will.

* Nathan was appointed with BMM in 1992.

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