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As you pray Matthew 9:38 for God to send more workers into missions, you become part of the stories of those who join Baptist Mid-Missions' team!

Fall22 Butler TN

Class of 2022: Jeff & Mandy Butler

Jeff and Mandy‘s ministry represents one of missions critical frontiers: equipping nationals through EBI, our Spanish publications ministry.

Fall22 Cline TN

Class of 2022: Kyle & Natalie Cline

A 2019 European chorale tour sparked Kyle's burden for The Netherlands and fulfilled Natalie's long-time passion to be in missions.

Fall22 Ingram TN

Class of 2022: Bethany Ingram

From a young age, Bethany learned that her talents were meant to build up the church. After training as a Bible translator, she's ready to build up churches around the world.

Fall22 Lenartz TN

Class of 2022: Bryan & Amy Lenartz

Missions multiplying missions. That’s the potential Bryan and Amy have in their future ministry in Japan as they build upon their existing connections in Guam.

Fall22 Stilwell TN

Class of 2022: Benjamin & Jennifer Stilwell

In preparation for their ministry in Peru, Ben and Jenn are already modeling the importance of living lives fully devoted to God—the magnificent end-goal of missions.

Fall22 Streit TN

Class of 2022: Andy & Christy Streit

Andy and Christy’s desire to help missionaries led them to their ministry of training future pastors in Peru.

Fall22 Mid Career Campbell TN

Mid-Career Missions: Pat & Wendy Campbell

Pat and Wendy thought they‘d retire from their jobs as a high school teacher/coach and as a nursing home activities director. Instead, God used these very skills as stepping stones to missions.

Fall22 Mid Career Ingram PI4

Mid-Career Missions: Danny & Jan Ingram

Danny and Jan felt restless at their home church. They knew God wanted them to do something more, but they didn't know what.

Fall22 Mid Career Mac Foz PI2

Mid-Career Missions: Bryan & Heather MacPhail-Fausey

Bryan & Heather paid attention to the patterns that God wove into their life together. God's design was to make them ready to serve Him in Africa.

Fall22 MGI Churches Help TN

Your Global Impact

Your gifts to the Global Impact Fund provide mission-specific assistance to local churches to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission and accelerate the spread of the gospel.

Fall22 First Look TN


FirstLook opens the eyes of high school and college students to ministry and life on the mission field. Individual and group trips are guided under the care and example of experienced missionaries.

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