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Fall 2022

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Help for Churches That Send

As the service was closing, a couple made their way toward their pastor. 

They had been talking for months about the burden God had placed on their hearts to serve Jesus Christ on the mission field. The day of decision had come. Tears of joy were flowing with excitement and uncertainty.

The pastor reflected on that moment, “I was thrilled and, at the same time, completely overwhelmed. How was the church going to help them on their way? How could we support them on the mission field? I had encouraged them and prayed with them to follow Christ, but when they announced where God was directing the course of their lives, I knew we needed help to get them there, and to sustain them for future years of fruitful ministry. At the same time, I knew that God would supply all their needs.”

And that’s when they called Baptist Mid-Missions.

Training. Equipping. Sustaining. Enhancing. Serving missionaries as they pursue the ministries that God has laid on their hearts. This is the calling and task of Baptist Mid-Missions’ Global Ministry Center, supported by the Global Impact Fund.

Your gifts to the Global Impact Fund provide mission-specific assistance to local churches to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission and accelerate the spread of the gospel. Please prayerfully consider your gift today.

“I knew we needed help to get them there, and to sustain them for future years of fruitful ministry. ”

A Gift That Pays You Back (now with higher rates!)

BMM offers the suggested maximum gift annuity rates published by the American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA). As of July 1, 2022, the ACGA announced an increase in the suggested rates. For most gift annuities, the new rates are
0.4%–0.6% higher than the rates they replace.

For a brochure or a specific illustration, call, email, or visit

Gift annuities are available to residents of most US states.

Fall22 YGI Annuity rates

Memorial Gifts

Through BMM Foundation’s Memorial Fund, you can give a lasting legacy by donating in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special occasion. Gifts made to the Memorial Fund are invested and are used to provide services to missionaries, churches, and ministry partners.

In Memory of

Kenneth Armstrong

Mrs. Dixie Armstrong

Marjorie Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Roar

Al Casto

Mrs. Sharon Casto

Charles Charnock

Mrs. Mildred Slusser

Frank & Lillian Crumb

Kinsman Crumb Charitable Trust

Diane Fray

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Willoughby

Martha Green

Mr. and Mrs. Fay Roe

Daniel Hirschy

Dr. and Mrs. Jack Traylor

Helen Kirby

Mr. and Mrs. Robin Madren

Carolyn Renner

Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Dean

Lois Russell

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jackson

Ms. Yvonne Jones

Ms. Robin Mager

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murray

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Weaver

Maebelle Stahl

Miss Betsy Morgan

Vallie White

Harvest Baptist Church, Barrigada, Guam

Mr. and Mrs. Jackie McCullough

Richard Young

Mrs. Jacqueline Young

In Honor Of

Ron & Micky Kimmel‘s Marriage

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Krone

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