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Fall 2022

President’s View

Moving the Hand of God

It’s no secret to those who know me that my favorite football team is the Nebraska Cornhuskers. I’ve been a devoted fan since I was a young boy growing up in Nebraska. Through thick and thin, I’ve cheered for the Cornhuskers. And it’s been really fun to see my son, Carson, pick up on my enthusiasm and become just as passionate a fan as I am.

How much more exciting it is that you, our readers, have picked up on the enthusiasm for missions and have faithfully cheered on the work that God is doing through Baptist Mid-Missions. But you do far more than cheer. You stay informed, you give, and you do the critical work of praying. Many of you have gone a step further and have joined our Advance the Vision team. Among the many ways this team is partnering with BMM is through praying Matthew 9:38, asking God to send more workers into His harvest. More than ever, we value your teamwork!

“Your prayers made you part of our new missionaries’ stories!”

In this issue of Advance, we give thanks to God and to you. Your prayers have moved the hand of God, who led 11 new workers to become full-time missionaries sharing the gospel around the world. On the pages to follow, you’ll read details of how your prayers intersected with their lives. Your prayers made you part of their stories! 

Just as every fall brings a new season of football, the work of praying for more laborers now starts a fresh season. As you thank God for how He worked this year, join us in praying for The Class of 2023. We’re boldly seeking the Lord for 20 new workers for next year. With you on our team, let’s keep cheering—and praying—for God to do even more in His awesome, eternal work of missions.  

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Dr. Patrick Odle

In 2020, Dr. Patrick Odle became Baptist Mid-Missions’ ninth president. He came to his position with 26 years of pastoral experience and eight years as a BMM Council member, along with service as a vice president of Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary.

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