Win23 New Heights TN

New Heights

As we close out 2023, let us say thank you for your partnership. It made a difference in 2023!

Win23 Miracle Church TN

Miracle Church

In this Creative Access Nation, it seemed impossible to start a church … so our missionaries prayed.

Win23 You Prayed TN

You Prayed—God Answered

For most missionaries, retirement is just a technical term. That's true for Ruth, and God is using her through your prayers.

Win23 RNH Helio TN

Reaching New Heights

A homegrown pastor, meeting Messiah in New York City, Bible translation apps, and relationship-building through basketball. This year our missionaries reached these new heights of ministry expansion and many more.

Win23 Week Change Native Am TN

The Week That Changes Lives

Some of the most life-transforming missions moments happen at camp. Read highlights from camp ministries around the world.

Win23 MAD Storms TN

Making a Difference

Around the world, missionaries are making a difference in many ways. Read about BMM's new European Field Coordinator, disaster relief efforts on three continents, and our first fourth-generation missionary.

Win23 Arriba TN

Arriba Relocates

For more than 40 years, Arriba has been changing the lives of college students. This year, it got a change of its own: a move from Lima, Peru to Santiago, Chile.

Win23 Church TN

Moving Forward

A celebration of missionaries starting their first term of service, churches that graduated to independent status, and new church and CBF chapter launches.

Win23 YGI TN

Your Global Impact

New heights in global ministry are reached when God joins together missionaries with faithful supporters.

Win23 Israel TN

Israel 2024

Watch the Bible come alive during 10 life-changing days as Baptist Mid-Missions leads a tour to Israel.

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