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Winter 2023

Miracle Church

The Lord did a miracle in 1992 when he enabled a veteran missionary, Rose*, to open a new Creative Access Nations ministry through medical work. Soon after her arrival, Rose lifted her prayers to God that He would allow a sound Baptist church to be planted in this nation.

In the years since Rose arrived, she gained a coworker who set up a ministry to vulnerable and marginalized babies and children. In the warm, loving environment of the children’s village, the kids were provided housing, clothing, education, and spiritual instruction. The children carried varying degrees of emotional and physical traumas from their backgrounds. Supporting the children, the team soothed their pain with medical care, counseling, and simple, steadfast love given in the name of Christ.

Markos finished high school with plans to study animal science or medicine, but God changed his desires. One day he proclaimed, “I want to be a pastor!” 

One of these children was Markos. Abandoned as a baby, he was taken in by a foster mother who, after several years, could no longer afford to keep him. Even though Markos didn’t have his foster mother to hang onto, he clung tightly to her works-based religion. But as he saw the joy in others at the village who had accepted Christ, he became a true child of God himself.

Markos finished high school with plans to study animal science or medicine, but God changed his desires. One day he proclaimed, “I want to be a pastor!” The missionaries enrolled him in the West Africa Bible College in Ghana, directed by BMM missionary Timothy Seidu. It was a difficult four years away from his beloved country and the only family he had ever known, but he worked hard and earned his theology degree.

He returned to his country with greater maturity and a contagious enthusiasm to share his new understanding of God’s Word. He was appointed coordinator for the village’s residential programs, and he led worship services and held Bible studies for the kids and their adult caregivers. He started taking postgraduate online classes in biblical counseling to prepare himself for the day when God would open the door for him to officially start a church. And he married Miriam, whom he grew up with at the 
village, and they had their first child in 2021.

Win23 Miracle Church PI

In recent years, war tore into the land where Markos serves, further traumatizing the village children and the whole area. In 2023, with peace finally setting in, Markos felt the time was right to start a church. He and Miriam spent much time fasting and praying together for the way forward. Markos is burdened for the spiritual needs of the village’s children who have grown up and moved to the nearby town for jobs. Markos and Miriam are seeking to provide the town’s first sound Baptist church. Markos has now rented a site for meeting in town. They plan to provide a place of safety for those cast out because of their faith in Jesus, a permanent place to meet and worship the Lord. They pray on for the final fulfillment of this miracle.

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