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You Prayed—God Answered

For most missionaries, retirement is just a technical term. They keep on ministering right where God has them. That’s the case for Ruth*, a retired missionary. Ruth still lives in her mission field, where she turns everyday life into ministry. Read this slice of life from her spring and summer prayer letters:

April 19

An all-day subway strike and a bit of dental surgery. Going to Dr. Silva’s dental office is easy—just walk a bit, hop on the red line subway, make a change to the blue line downtown, get off about 20 minutes later, then a short walk to her office. It takes about an hour. A transportation strike meant a change of plans. The city news showed that bus stop lines were very, very long, and my trip would take two or more hours. I didn’t want to be late, so I took a taxi. On the way back, I didn’t have to worry about being late, but no buses were stopping, so I found a taxi stopped in the heavy traffic. The driver, Mr. Flores, was glad for a passenger. It was God’s perfect, appointed time to share the gospel with him. He was thrilled to understand that he could know where he was going after life on earth and said he had never heard that. He did not make a decision but accepted literature.

May 3

We rejoice in the 64 guests who came to our church event. Thank you for praying! What excitement and joy when someone comes to know our marvelous Savior as their own Savior and Lord. How sad and heartbreaking when a person does not believe.

At the event, Mrs. Catalina wanted to know what I believe. It was a wonderful opportunity to share that Jesus has come just as the Old Testament prophets foretold in the Scriptures I presented to her. I also shared why He came. Her reply: She respects me and my beliefs as well as those of her friend who believes in Jesus, but she is satisfied with her old traditions and does not need to change.  

Mrs. Vargas’s mother and father are believers in Jesus, but Mrs. Vargas has been involved in spiritism for years. When I visited her, she shared about the night of terror she just had. She was fine when she went to bed, but in the night, she felt like she was leaving her body and then felt that she was actually being thrown to one side. She decided a warm shower would help. She woke her husband, and he had to help her because even while taking the shower, she was literally being thrown to one side. She was scared and wanted me to stay with her and pray for her. I sensed an evil influence in that place. Please pray for her to realize her need to accept Jesus as her Savior and Deliverer.

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May 10

There are some very special events coming up! I leave for the USA on May 17 to attend my nephew’s graduation. I am so happy to be able to share in this special time and to be with my family. I’ll return May 31.

My dentist, Dr. Silva, loves Jesus, and she’s been planning since before COVID-19 to invite her patients, neighbors, and family members to a special tea time on June 10 in her apartment building so they can hear about Jesus. She asked me to share the message of salvation. Please be in prayer for wisdom and guidance as I prepare and share.

June 14

Thank you for praying for the trip to the USA. On my flight, God gave the privilege to not only sit by 71-year-old Mrs. Garcia but to also share the gospel with her. She asked some questions and, as I went over things again, she had her hand raised and finger held out as if pointing, listening carefully and moving her finger up and down as if she was saying in her heart and mind what I was telling her. I had asked her before about where she would go after this life, and she said she did not know. Now I asked her again and she joyously and with assurance said, “My God will be waiting to receive me.” You prayed and God answered.

After I returned from the US, I continued studying and preparing to speak at Dr. Silva’s special tea that she held last Saturday. The decorations were beautiful, and the food was delicious. The guests were overwhelmed that Dr. Silva had taken such special care just for them. Dr. Gonzalez, with whom I had chatted briefly before the tea while we waited for others to arrive, accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior that night. She came up to me after the tea and said, “The words you spoke tonight were providential for me. I did not know and had never heard that,” and she walked away. A bit later I asked her about eternity, and she knew where she was going and said,”I can’t say more. I am too full of emotion.” You prayed, GOD answered.

* All names, including Ruth’s are pseudonyms because of the nature of her ministry. 

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