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Rejoicing at the Pinnacle

Colorado is known for its “fourteeners,” a term used to describe the 58 mountain peaks in that state that tower at 14,000 feet of elevation or more. Reaching the summit of all but one of those peaks is extremely challenging. The exception is Pike’s Peak. Each year, over half a million people drive to the top of Pike’s Peak via the steep switchback road. Once at the top, tourists stand in awe of the beauty of God’s creation, including the flat lands to the east and splendid mountains to the west. However, at the top of Pike’s Peak, people quickly discover the challenges of high altitudes. The air is thin, and oxygen is sparse. Even slowly walking on the flat ground at the top of Pike’s Peak can leave a person out of breath, light-headed, and sometimes sick to their stomach. 

While that may seem challenging, that pales in comparison to summiting a fourteener entirely on foot. Twice I have climbed to the summit of Mt. Yale, a mountain that stands at 14,200 feet. I remember all too well the burning lungs, pounding heart, screaming headache, and aching joints commonly experienced by all who have summited a fourteener.

Win23 Presidents View
Dr. Patrick Odle with his son, Carson, at the summit of Mt. Yale in 2020.

Missionary work is full of intense challenges. The path of a missionary includes plenty of switchbacks, and at times their spiritual lungs may burn for want of oxygen. However, they don’t accomplish these endeavors alone or without resources. Partners like you help missionaries reach the summit as if in a car, saving them from the rigors of climbing by foot. Your prayers provide the gas in their tanks, and God’s Word supplies the GPS to navigate the winding road.

Missionaries reach great summits of victory (souls saved, disciples taught, leaders trained, and churches established), but they do so with the help of people like you. Thank you for praying, giving, and encouraging missionaries, making their journey to the top much more attainable. And because you have helped make the trek possible, be sure to rejoice in the victories at the pinnacle!

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Dr. Patrick Odle

In 2020, Dr. Patrick Odle became Baptist Mid-Missions’ ninth president. He came to his position with 26 years of pastoral experience and eight years as a BMM Council member, along with service as a vice president of Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary.

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