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World Relief 2022

"Our God has a tender heart for the hurting people of this world. And so do you. That’s why you gave so generously in 2022 to World Relief. Thank you!


With no end in sight to Ukraine’s turmoil, BMM Europe missionaries continue assisting Ukrainians in-country and where they relocated. Don and LeAnne Waite deliver supplies in Ukraine and replenish supplies for a group of 50 housed by a church in Poland. In August, Don purchased 3.1 metric tons of coal, about 25 percent of the group’s winter needs.

Other BMM missionaries are covering the gamut of needs for their contacts still in Ukraine: food, fuel, building materials, mattresses, medicines, utility bill assistance, and transportation. Courageous members of a Ukrainian Baptist church are distributing the funds and holding preaching services among recipients to share the hope of Christ.

In Romania, Lucas and Kim Warner are working with a Romanian pastor who drives van loads of supplies into needy areas of Ukraine.


One of Myanmar’s most oppressed ethnic groups are the Chin people. Ongoing religious persecution and violence forced many to flee their villages and live in forests where they have no amenities. Others have relocated to bordering countries.

Bibles International (BI—see “Equipping the Church” article), is distributing World Relief funds through trusted Christian contacts in Myanmar. At risk to their own lives, these contacts have distributed packages of rice, noodles, beans, salt, and cooking oil. Those in need also receive medicine, dialysis, or repairs on homes that were burned.

Chin pastors who receive the funds incorporate evangelistic efforts into their distributions. This summer, children’s camps were held, and nearly 300 kids received nutritious food and the gospel message. Forty-one children received Christ as Savior. One of BI’s contacts wrote, “Every single pastor who distributed the funds expressed to me how thankful they and their people have been to BI for their help.

Win22 World Relief Asia
World Relief funds are helping people in this war-torn country receive food and medical help

Hurricane Relief

When Hurricanes Fiona and Ian tore through the Dominican Republic and Florida in late September, many Dominicans and Floridians suffered property damage as a result. World Relief funds are being distributed by local churches in both areas who will use them to repair their buildings and help individual believers with their damaged property.

Win22 World Relief Hurricane

To help people in need through World Relief: Visit our Find a Project page and scroll to Option #4  or call 440-826-3930.

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