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Winter 2022

Your Global Impact

Your gifts to the Global Impact Fund help open new fields and launch specialized ministries.

Starting with a few missionaries in mid-Africa over 100 years ago, Baptist Mid-Missions’ personnel have opened new fields in over 60 nations and have launched specialized, focused ministries to meet emerging needs worldwide. This accumulated experience, combined with a unique vantage point from which to view the ministry horizons, positions the administrators and staff at BMM’s Global Ministry Center to recognize new opportunities and help prepare missionaries to use these opportunities to accelerate the spread of the gospel.

Experience counts.

Opening a new field, especially in a new country, typically requires careful handling of a host of details. And maintaining a gospel presence amid dramatically changing social and political forces also requires experienced leadership and compassionate support. Leveraging experience gained in a variety of nations enables us to open new fields for missionary endeavors and to create specialized ministries to advance the gospel around the world.

Your gifts to the Global Impact Fund fuel this strategic advance into new nations and accelerate the soul-saving news of Christ through specialized ministry efforts. Please prayerfully consider your next gift and the shared impact of your sacrifice in the cause of Christ today.


Memorial Gifts

Through BMM Foundation’s Memorial Fund, you can give a lasting legacy by donating in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special occasion. Gifts made to the Memorial Fund are invested and are used to provide services to missionaries, churches, and ministry partners.

In Memory of

Maynard Belt

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Anderson

Rev. and Mrs. Dennis Boonstra

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Debelak

Mr. and Mrs. Gaylen Demarest

Mr. and Mrs. Joel DeVries

Highland Hills Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Karsies

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mackie

Ms. Sarah Newcomb

Virgil Bunjer

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Brandmeyer

Mr. and Mrs. Scott David

Mrs. Phyllis Ford

Mr. And Mrs. James Harriss

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Stewart

Al Casto

Mrs. Sharon Casto

Albert and Juanita DeJarnette

Mr. and Mrs. DeJarnette

Helen Kirby

Mrs. Maggie Harris

Terry Prater

Mr. Scott Jeryl

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