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South America: Peru 2

Rachel Tarvin

Peru has felt enormous economic struggles from their long-lasting quarantines. Using over $16,000 in special offerings, Rachel Tarvin worked alongside students, staff, and their families at the Urubamba seminary to package up food, tracts, and Scripture portions. 

They canvassed their town and passed out over 26,000 “blessing packs” on 17 occasions. They also distributed 1,400 Quechua New Testaments. Many read the Scriptures for the first time in their heart language.

Isaiah and Rosanna Peterson

Isaiah and Rosanna Peterson continued working with translation projects, and Isaiah taught an online Greek course for the Urubamba seminary students. Their daughter, Tirzah, received the Lord this year and shared her birthday cake with neighbors so her family could develop relationships to bring Christ to them.

Aaron and Stephenie Cochrell

In February in Alto Qosco, Aaron and Stephenie Cochrell and the Petersons handed out refreshments and gospel tracts to hundreds gathered for their community’s anniversary celebration. As their community felt quarantine pressures, the Cochrells and Petersons distributed food and basic supplies. Over 100 people have since made salvation decisions, and more than 30 continue in Bible studies.

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