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Global Ministries: Bibles International 2

The beginning of Bibles International’s year looked like any other. BI missionaries met with a tribal people group in Asia to refine their translation process. Several BI team members had the joy of participating in the 100th anniversary celebration of the gospel coming to the Diangello* people (* A pseudonym). At least 2,500 filled the tent, with many more outside.

Earlier, a BI missionary observed the Dendi translation team record the Scriptures for oral learners in Benin, West Africa, and translators checked the Day language translation before the airport closed because of COVID-19.

The Bibles International office closed for several months, but through modern software and the internet, translation consultants continued working with their national teams worldwide, including those in Africa.

Thanks to eased restrictions, Bibles International’s annual Consultants’ Seminar was held in August. Because the BI office was not large enough for social distancing, a church offered their building for the week. It was a wonderful reunion for the BI staff and consultants, some of whom live overseas.

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