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So many new things are happening within Baptist Mid-Missions. This Advance speaks of not only God’s great workings over the last 100 years but also of the new things in our midst, such as our logo. I’m pleased to tell you another piece of exciting news that will be covered more fully in our next issue:

“On March 8, 2020, the Elected Council of Baptist Mid-Missions announced its unanimous choice of Patrick Odle as the next president of Baptist Mid-Missions. He will succeed current president Vernon Rosenau this summer following Dr. Rosenau’s retirement. Patrick Odle has 26 years of pastoral experience and also has extensive connections to BMM through his pastorates, ministry on five of our mission fields, and eight years of service on our governing board.”

The above paragraph was part of BMM’s announcement introducing our new president. However, I want to personally introduce him to you also. It has been my privilege to know this man, who has been my pastor for the last nine years. When the Elected Council made their final decision and Patrick Odle accepted their invitation to be the next president, I could not have been more pleased. I expressed to BMM’s Presidential Search Committee, “My soul was satisfied and I was at peace.”

Patrick Odle is a man with a deep and growing passion for missions. As he has ministered to our Mission Family through the years, I have watched his passion grow for global outreach. Many of us in missions know that visiting and ministering on a mission field is often the spark God uses to kindle a fire in our hearts for the world.

This article will be my last Advance communication to you. I want you to know that it has been my delight to serve you and to personally get to know many of you in the last several years. Rest assured, the Mission will be in good hands as we enter our second century of ministry. Patrick Odle’s fidelity to the Word of God and his passion for the lost will keep us centered on the values we have embraced for the past 100 years. I praise the Lord for leading Patrick Odle to the leadership of BMM.

Truly by grace alone,


Rosenau V 2015 web

After 22 years as a missionary in Central African Republic and 15 years as BMM's Field Administrator for Africa and Europe, Dr. Vernon Rosenau became Baptist Mid-Missions’ eighth president. He served as president from 2016 to 2020.

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