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A new look for BMM

After 100 years, we still stand strong on the same biblical foundation and passion for the Great Commission that our founders established in 1920. Our name, Baptist Mid-Missions, reflects our founders’ heart to reach the interior (or middle) of countries where the Good News of Christ had not yet gone. Our desire to reach further and farther with the gospel has never changed.

BMM logos 1920-2019
The history of BMM's logos, 1920-2019

That’s why, in our 100th year, we sought a new logo that reflected both our biblical foundation and our forward-thinking mindset of finding new ways to advance the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Find the cross fixed centrally in both new logo variations above and below. The arrows represent supporting churches and individuals, missionaries, and Baptist Mid-Missions united in our focus of sharing what Christ did on the cross. Light appears to emanate from the center—the light of the gospel—as it goes out into the world, symbolized by the logo’s globe shape. The eight notches within the arrows remind us of our eight core values (see The new logo’s shape also connects to our 1920 logo, tying it into our 100 years of ministry.

1920 to 2020: One hundred years. Celebrate our new look!

Starting this year, you’ll find Baptist Mid-Missions’ new look on all our materials and on our redesigned website, scheduled to debut in the coming months. The most important things about us haven’t changed, and one of the most important is that we remain ready to advance the gospel worldwide now and into the future.

100th Anniversary Events

Due to logistical difficulties created by the COVID-19 crisis, Baptist Mid-Missions canceled its 2020 missionary Family Conference, which had been scheduled for July.

The 100th anniversary celebration we planned for our missionaries will now be held during the July 2021 Family Conference.

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